aHNYUTHAZII Am Ahnyuthazi Ahrayahn.  I Am “She Who Brings Forth Ascended Civilization”.   I  am a Mother of the Achekquecha.  I birth Gods and Goddesses.  We carry forth the Divine Spirit into the New World.
As this world shifts into higher dimensions, we must increase our frequency to harmonize with the shift and withstand the rigors of rapid transition.  That which does not belong in the higher dimensions will remain in lower vibration.  We must release all that does not serve our highest Self to Ascend.  I assist others in vibrating higher so that they may exist in the new dimension.
It starts with acknowledging the Divine within, then seeing outward expression of the Divine.   By integrating systems of Being, we remain in the integrity our Highest Self so that we thrive in the new paradigm.   These new systems, or ways of thinking, perceiving and being are our gifts for the new world.  It is what we call Ekus Kzetteradh.