zhaiThroughout ancient history as well as into the present, the concept of conflict, pain and struggle prevail.  It is an ongoing theme that if you don’t have conflict then you are not growing or learning.  We are taught that we must “fight to survive”.  We are taught that if you don’t fight, it means that you have given up.  We have all heard the old saying, “no pain, no gain”.  While this saying may help to cope with pain and struggles, it sets a program of unnecessary struggles if you are to expand and grow.  Just as it is a choice to fight, it is a choice to experience pain and suffering.  The wonderful thing about life is that you can choose to exist without fighting, or pain and suffering.

Legacy11Matrix is here to offer a different perspective on this concepgalaxies300t so that we may re-write this story of perpetual pain and struggle. Shifting our perspective of conflict helps to create a new reality by harmoniously allowing ourselves to flow with the ever-changing and ever-expanding Universe, becoming One with the Universe thereby acknowledging and honoring our unlimited Self.  The Universe is not concerned with growing pains, nor does It worry about any conflict, or experience any struggle to exist.  It simply IS.  If something seems to be out of balance, It automatically shifts to create balance.  Instead of perceiving this act of balancing as a fight, we can view it as a dance.  It teaches us to honor, embrace and flow with the cycles of Life and Transformation.  Let us do this Sacred Dance in sync with the Divine.

While acknowledging All aspects of our Self, we can choose what, when and how we want to nurture and develop.  By tapping into Universal Consciousness and accessing Universal Energy, we are Whole and there is no “Need” for anything because the Universe inherently provides for All.   Just as a single seed finds Its place in rich, fertile soil and calls to Itself the necessary rains and sunshine to reach its full potential, the same goes for the entire forest which we understand is one organism with one root system.  It exists with the same Spirit of the Earth and Cosmos and ultimately, the Universe.  All is connected.  All is One Being expanding and expressing Itself in an infinite number of ways.

So I choose to uphold this Universal Being-ness, to love, nurture and develop all aspects of my Self, to allow the full expression of all of my gifts and traits encoded in my DNA as well as what I sense within my Spirit, even those which may have at one point conflicted with one another, each of which desires to be manifested and expressed on this realm of existence.  I Am carrying on the Legacy of my Ancestors.  To bring each of these aspects together in an energetically harmonious matrix which is omniversally seen, heard and felt is my Cosmic duty.  It is my calling.

I Am Harmonic Convergence.   I Am the Legacy11Matrix.