I am Chief Executive Officer of WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP, partner/member of WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL, LLC., manager of hundreds of talented, creative individuals.  In an industry known to either reject or exploit the hopes and aspirations of young people, I offer guidance and assistance so that they may reach their goals without having to compromise their integrity and dignity.

In 2007, I acquired a small boutique agency named CHOSENHOUSE, based in Atlanta GA, and shortly revamped it under the banner SMART MODELS.

We experienced immediate success and expansion, extending operations to Los Angeles and New York. In 2010, we realized in order to really bring value to the great diversity we were representing, we needed to house brands reflective of the different genres we were servicing, and so WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL was born as a mother company to SMART MODELS, KINGS + QUEENS, SALIENT MODELS, MONARCH ALLIANCE, MERIDIAN TALENT, HELIOS & SELENE and many more.

Today, WESTHAVEN has grown into a full service talent management firm, a publisher of over 10 magazines and is home to over 500 talented individuals, booking work for major international corporation and regional clients world-wide.



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