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I am Chief Executive Officer of WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP, partner/member of WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL, LLC., manager of hundreds of talented, creative individuals.  In an industry known to either reject or exploit the hopes and aspirations of young people, I offer guidance and assistance so that they may reach their goals without having to compromise their integrity and […]


I Am Ahnyuthazi Ahrayahn. I Am “She Who Brings Forth Ascended Civilization”.   I  am a Mother of the Achekquecha.  I birth Gods and Goddesses.  We carry forth the Divine Spirit into the New World. As this world shifts into higher dimensions, we must increase our frequency to harmonize with the shift and withstand the […]


I Am Lakani Lao.  I am a Ruler of the Light, a Light-Bender, a Photographer.  I capture subjects in their best Light so that they may see their Divine Beauty in their images.  I prove that God is Light and Shadow, and that Light and Shadow exists in everyone, in everything and everywhere.  It can […]


I Am Zhai Aleyahn, the Model and Actress.  I enjoy getting into different characters and collaborating with artists to portray different roles and exploring those various aspects of my Self.  As I shape-shift into each different role, I discover new aspects of my Self that  I had not previously known.  It broadens my interface with […]